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This page was down briefly when I discovered it had been stolen...
The individual who did it, in the past and should they come upon me now,
would pretend to be friendly.
Thankyou John a/k/a Prof.Marvel a/k/a Utopia a/k/a whatever Jetson
and all the other names you create
for showing me a man in his 40's can behave as absurdly
and dishonorably as the smallest of children.
Little old to be hanging with so-called webtv thieves
and such aren't you¿
I fail to see when this is how you serve the people you meet in passing
how you deal any more honorably with your friends.
I was of the mistaken belief if someone wanted something, they might at least ask.

~ Tiger Lillie ~

A Running Clock
Another running clock
Color BG Changer
Another Color Changer
E Mail Form Mailer
Flashing Background
Scrolling text in status bar
Ask for Password
Web_Tv_Junkies Rainbow Text
Page Last Updated
Another Checkbox Mailer
4 fun pop-ups
A Game (you'll soon catch on)
On/Off Clock + Browser Detector
Pop-up Greeting (What's Your Name?)
A Sidebar
Push the Button (and have fun)
Scrolling Text (you'll like this one)
Reminder Calendar
Blinking Lights (try to catch one)
Another Sidebar
Netscape Color Cube (very useful)
Another Nice Clock
Drop Down With Audio
(courtesy J.Hollingshead)

A DropBox
Joe Keith's Clock & Calendar
Countdown Your Age
Browser Identification
A Personal Pager
A Timer (Nice, check it out)
Scrolling text + clock
Ronnie Rogers
A Stopwatch & Countdown Timer

Height + Weight Calculator


Forward/Back Buttons
Link Scroller
Multiple Search Engines
Email Menu
HTML Generator
Visitor Info PopUps
Link Menu & Link Description
Chat Shell
Chat With Music
Chats: Go Here
Drip Drop Message
Image Changer
Keypad Password
Alters Link Image
Request Access-Greeting-Cookie
HTML/Java Editor
Form Generator
Meta Tag Builder
URL Loader
Button PopUp
Copyright Info
Another Page Evaluation Form
Color Blink
"Tell Me"
Button Banner
Reverse Text
Tip Generator
Go Menu
Visitor Monitor
Alert Clock & Date
User Messages
Color & Hexcode

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The first section of scripts were compiled by/ originated from WebTVJunkie, Jerry Hollingshead, Ralph Pohl, Joe Keith, Leon Slate, Tomer Shiran and others whose copyright and credit information will be found on their page. The second, third sections of scripts and the references were compiled from public resources by the current sitekeeper. Please! Leave all copyright/credit information in tact!
Note: Javascript cannot currently be used in e-mail, only on homepages. For assistance kindly refer to the reference links, the HHA Alliance, news:alt.discuss.programming.html, news:alt.discuss,javascript, news:alt.discuss.html, news:alt.discuss.n2play.




~Zoda's Area~
Javascript Reference
Beginning Javasript Tutorials
Yahoo! Javascript Links
Jas's International Javascript Resources
Voodoo's Intro To Javascript
Cool Nerds Web Authoring
Javascript Guide
Javascript Galore
JavaScript For The Total Non-Programmer
EarthWeb's Jars Com Java Review Source
The JavaScript Source
Javascripts, Javascripts and More Javascripts
JavaScript World
JavaScript World-->Books-->JavaScript
Java Goodies JavaScript Repository
Ren's JavaScript Code Ripper
Ralph's Forms HTML & JavaScript
All U Wanna Know About JavaScript
JavaScript Planet
Planet Script
Website Attraction
Learn Advanced JavaScript Programming
HTML-Editor in Javascript

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